THE STAIRCASE KILLER: Michael Peterson Part 2

In part 2, the conclusion of The Staircase Killer: Michael Iver Peterson, we’re going to pick up right where we left off. Part 1, ended on Michael Peterson’s indictment for the murder of his wife, Kathleen. We were just getting into the proceedings of trial. In this episode we’re really going to dive into this case and deliver some mind blowing revelations.

Husband | Father | War Hero | Brutal Murderer

War Hero…

Def. Attorney David Rudolph | Peterson| Missing Blow Poke
Whoot-Dun-It Claw Foot

His family would be irrevocably severed before the eyes of the media. Amidst plot twists, whodunits, and exposed lies and secrets, his case would stretch on for 17 years.

His victims:

  • Kathleen Peterson
  • Elizabeth Ratliff (Suspected)

The defense team attempted to align the claw foot with Kathleen Peterson’s lacerations to prove their owl theory.

A documentary of Michael Peterson, The Staircase, can be seen on Netflix.

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