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ChaVohn Nakia

Executive producer/ writer / host

Hey, Dark Ones! No interrogation needed, I confess, I’m addicted to true crime! I’ve watched more documentaries on serial killers and cold cases than anyone I know. After serving in the military, I studied creative writing in Kansas City, and wrote my first full length crime fiction novel, Cabrini Green Volume I. Volume II followed soon after. To delve into my creative mind, you can get them HERE and HERE. My love for acting and writing has been ever present since childhood. My passion for podcasting is new. When the opportunity to tell true crime stories with creative freedom and a military twist arose, I couldn’t resist. I love creating, diving into unsolved cases and helping victims and families get their stories told. When I’m not researching a case, I’m glued to fitness and football. Yes, I’m a bonafide tomboy and a die hard Chiefs fan. Don’t let the lashes and the coffin nails fool you. Who says a girl can’t wear lipgloss and chat it up about completion percentages, a blitz or a slant route? 

Long Live Chiefs Kingdom!


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