NOTORIOUS: The Grim Sleeper

In the 1980s, well into the early 2000s an evil plagued South Central Los Angeles leaving more devastation and death than the raging gang wars. Prostitutes vanished without warning. There was a serial killer on the loose. The Grim Sleeper. His victims, rumored to be more than 25. His reign of terror, 30 years.

The Grim Sleeper earned his name from the 14 year hiatus between killings. Though authorities believe he may not have been sleeping at all.


  • Enietra Margette Washington


  • Debra Ronette Jackson
  • Henrietta Wright
  • Barbara Bethune Ware
  • Bernita Rochelle Sparks
  • Mary Katherine Lowe
  • Lachrica Denise Jefferson
  • Alicia Monique Alexander
  • Princess Cheyanne Berthomieux
  • Valerie Louise McCorvey
  • Janecia Lavette Peters

It’s is still unknown how many victims he killed. Enietra Washington is The Grim Sleeper’s only known survivor.


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